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About Mole and Lesion Removal

Talented plastic surgeon Dr. Phi Nguyen at MIA Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, is skilled in the removal of unsightly moles and lesions. Cosmetic mole and lesion removal is a technique used to excise moles that are too large, too dark, bumpy, or located in plain sight requiring a more careful procedure for reduced scarring. Before a mole or lesion is removed, you should first be assessed by an accredited dermatologist to ensure that it is benign or noncancerous. During a consultation with Dr. Phi, the location, size, and depth of the mole will be discussed in order to provide necessary insight for a successful removal. 

Ideal Candidates

In most situations, moles and lesions are not noticeable or irritating. But at times, they can cause irritation, hinder self-confidence, and cause unnecessary concern. Ideal candidates for the cosmetic removal of moles and lesions:

  • Have a mole or lesion that is causing them emotional or physical discomfort
  • Have consulted with a dermatologist to ensure the mole or lesion is noncancerous
  • Have moles or lesions that are large, dark, or raised from the skin
  • Prefer a removal technique that will leave minimal scarring

Procedure Technique

Factors including the location, size, and depth of the mole or lesion will be considered to determine the best technique for removal. Moles and lesions that are only skin deep, or flush with the skin’s surface, may be eligible for laser removal or a simple skin shaving technique. However, moles and lesions that have grown from deeper within may require excision, which is only a minor surgical procedure. During an excision, Dr. Phi will use local anesthesia to numb the area, cut away the mole or lesion, and then carefully suture the wound closed to ensure optimum results as well as minimal, less noticeable scarring.

What to Expect

This minor cosmetic procedure typically yields positive results and takes only a few minutes to perform. Cosmetic mole removal can typically be performed in our MIA Plastic Surgery office in under an hour utilizing local anesthesia. Mole or lesion excision that required sutures can be expected to cause slight discomfort for a couple of days following the procedure. Most patients report little to no discomfort by the end of the first week. Total healing after this procedure can be expected in approximately two weeks. Healing can be expedited by carefully following wound care instructions given to you by Dr. Phi and MIA staff members following the procedure.

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Move Over, Moles!

Large, dark, or bumpy moles and lesions found to be benign or noncancerous can be cosmetically removed quickly and efficiently in our MIA Plastic Surgery facility. Upon inspection and discussion with Dr. Phi, you will be informed of your mole removal options and educated on our techniques and their usual outcomes. These procedures typically yield outstanding results with minimal scarring. If you are considering cosmetic mole or lesion removal, we invite you to give MIA Plastic Surgery a call today to say "MOVE OVER" to your moles.

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